Rain As My Healer


I love how the weather sometimes reflects your emotions to perfection. It becomes the mirror you need the most, and that in itself is healing.

I have one of those days today. The sky is covered in dark clouds, with raindrops gently falling from them.

I have always loved the rain, but when I was younger I would hide this because it made me feel weird. It seemed like everyone would always get in a state of panic, seeking shelter as soon as they felt raindrops against their skin. Like the rain was something to really avoid and run away from. I do understand though, why people don’t want to get wet, or have their hair messed up, or their make-up.. Or to freeze with soaking wet clothes on. So yes.. I understand that perspective. I guess it makes a lot of sense really, not wanting to be outside when it rains, and I guess that is exactly why I felt so weird about actually liking it…

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Call For Change


Last night I had a dream that took me on a journey through time. I saw things from the past, and what it will look like in the future continuing from where we are now.

It started with me laying in my bed sleeping next to a huge man with a large beard. He was sleeping still when I woke up in the middle of the night. (This was taking place in my bedroom and it looked exactly the same as in my waking life). I looked up and I saw a bunch of people surrounding my bed. They didn’t do or say anything, they were just staring at us. I got scared and closed my eyes pretending they weren’t there. I tried to wake the man up, as I sensed they were there because of him. I didn’t succeed in waking him up, as I barely dared to move. I looked up again hoping it had all been a bad dream. But they were still there, but now as spirits. They were all standing in the same position as before, just staring at us, but now they were transparent…

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Coping With Life


I am so tired of coping with life. It seems like society is built on coping strategies, and not so much else. Happiness becomes this abstract goal that we can never truly reach, because all we know how to do, is to cope.

When we grow up without the right type of emotional support and guidance, and are not able to find closure or solutions to our painful experiences, we have to find strategies in order to cope with those experiences and to move on. If we don’t do this as children, we don’t stand a chance, so there is no choice. Therefore it is understandable and probably a very important mechanism when growing up. The problem is that we are unaware of our own strategies, and so we continue using them in our adult life…

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Sun and Moon; restoring the balance

solar eclipse

Since the solar eclipse I’ve been feeling a lot of anxiety, but without really being able to place it or figure out why. This solar eclipse in Leo has been all about integration and unity.

In the last month I’ve been seeing lions everywhere, and been hearing or seeing the word, “Leo” several times. I’ve seen it as tattoos, one with a lion and a woman merging and becoming one. I’ve heard the name Leo twice within the same hour and the list goes on. I knew this solar eclipse would have some great insight for me, as I believe it has for so many. It has been a very powerful time, also very chaotic…

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Grow Together


What do I really want? I’ve noticed that for a long time now, my number one priority has been to feel connected and have a sense of belonging. It’s only within this past week though, that I’ve truly come to the awareness, that I have to give this desire a more active role in my life…

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Integrating My Shadow Aspect

Shadow aspect

The past two years have been such a rollercoaster. It has had the highest of high and the lowest of low. I’ve been extremely happy at times, and I’ve been extremely depressed, to the point where I could not see the meaning of life anymore.

The last month I’ve been feeling sad, confused and on the verge of depression again. Life has not been feeling good. Life has not made sense, and even though I know that life is a hologram in which we learn, and that even the dark night of the soul will eventually end, I have simply not felt like it was worth it. But then, a couple of days ago, I had a breakthrough. I gained a new understanding that made the pieces I’ve collected over the years, come together and form a picture that actually makes sense to me…

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Open To Life


A couple of weeks ago, me and one of my best friends decided to travel to London for a few days. I’ve been feeling drawn to that place for about 2 years, and it felt awesome when I finally had the chance to make this trip a reality. I did not know what to expect, I just felt destiny calling and I was excited to figure out what this was all about…

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What Is Your Purpose?


Since I was young I have been wondering about my purpose. In my teen years I spend a lot of time searching for it, but without ever really finding it. It was a great deal of stress to me. I tried one job after another, and I tried out many different educations as well, but without ever having that Heureka moment, that I was so desperately trying to have. This year I came to a realization, and it made me stop chasing my purpose, for the first time in my life.

The realization was this; I’ve been searching for my purpose (to the point where it was painful) because I needed it in order to validate my existence…

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What Is Spirituality?


When I first started to consciously study and learn about spirituality, the topics I found myself drawn to was about chakras, extraterrestrials, other dimensions and so on. I loved learning more about each topic and even though I still do, the reality is that I used it as an attempt to get away from my own life.

Spirituality became my distraction and a tool to look outside myself for every answer. It was a resistance to the present moment, and the desire to escape it…

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A Promise To My Heart


Last night I had trouble sleeping. I kept falling in and out of sleep, and I started to feel frustrated because of it. At some point I woke up after a dream. This dream was with such a powerful message for me, and so I feel inspired to write about it, sharing this experience.

The dream started with me sitting in what looked like a bar. There were no lights on, and the vibe was one of grief and misery. The people there came for a specific reason, and that was to read their poems out loud in front of a crowd. Poems about painful experiences, that they were trying to find resolution for, in order to integrate them…

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