Call For Change


Last night I had a dream that took me on a journey through time. I saw things from the past, and what it will look like in the future continuing from where we are now.

It started with me laying in my bed sleeping next to a huge man with a large beard. He was sleeping still when I woke up in the middle of the night. (This was taking place in my bedroom and it looked exactly the same as in my waking life). I looked up and I saw a bunch of people surrounding my bed. They didn’t do or say anything, they were just staring at us. I got scared and closed my eyes pretending they weren’t there. I tried to wake the man up, as I sensed they were there because of him. I didn’t succeed in waking him up, as I barely dared to move. I looked up again hoping it had all been a bad dream. But they were still there, but now as spirits. They were all standing in the same position as before, just staring at us, but now they were transparent…

For some reason I knew that they were all once people that had been killed by the man sleeping in my bed. But he wasn’t evil. There was a feeling of battle and war, and he was just on the “winning” side of it.

From here I was taking to the past. I was flying over a huge map of the world and brought to Egypt. Im not sure who showed me this, but it felt like a force guiding me to one place and then the next.

I saw the image of a Pharaoh and the history behind them, and how many people were killed during these times. I was looking from above and I could see that on this huge world map, there was an image of a Pharaoh’s face printed in the whole country of Egypt. I felt like this was a symbol of how much this type of behavior had shaped the world and what it still is today.

I was flying through time again, still over the huge map. It was the only thing I could see. It felt like all the history that ever existed on earth were here, and I could choose to dive into one specific area to explore it further. But I didn’t control it myself. As I was flying through time I looked down. I saw a war now. On one of the sides I saw the man that was sleeping in my bed earlier, and a woman. The woman was the one controlling their army. They were standing in front of another army. They didn’t do anything but stare at each other. The woman loved the feeling of power and control. She seemed angry, but in the type of way where she enjoys it. I got the feeling that this symbolized the political wars going on, and everything in between. The war that is not fought with guns, but with manipulation and fear.

Before I saw anything else happening in this scenario, I was now guided to move forward. I was flying and looking down as different images and flashes of events showed itself on the map, from all over the world and from different lifetimes.

I was taking to the future. One image caught my eyes, and I stopped so as to look deeper into it. It was a video playing on a platform like youtube. It showed a young girl sitting by herself in a small room, and she was taking off her clothes in front of a camera. It was a livestream so other people were watching. This is not a scenario far from what is going on today. But observing this felt horrible. I felt her feeling of having no other choice but to sell her body (her soul really), and that people had disconnected so much from one another, that empathy was no longer an emotion they recognized. It felt like the human connection had been destroyed and that we had closed off to the degree, that the emotional state of compassion were no longer a state we as a human species could reach. It felt like doom to be honest. A world where the feeling of belonging is not even accessible, that is indeed a scary and dangerous world. It felt like our future is at stake if we don’t do something very drastically different in the now.

I saw a youtuber in my dream that actually makes a huge impact, helping to change social media in a way that will benefit us all. That was a relief, and it gave me hope. I know a lot of people are making great impacts in the world right now.

Remember earlier in this post, about the spirits surrounding me and that man (that killed them) in my bed? The past belongs to all of us. Even though something happened a long time ago, it is still shaping the future until we do something differently. We have an opportunity to create what we want in this moment, and that will take us to the next, and the next, and the next. How do we change the world? We change it by connecting with our hearts again, with our compassion for one another. We can not afford to push that away from us any longer. We have to look deeper and understand, that everything is a reflection of who we are and what is already inside of us.

If we do not feel a resonance with someone or we can’t relate, often we don’t feel compassion or empathy, we feel disconnection instead. In my opinion, we have to practice the art of understanding one another, and we have to do that now. How are we the same? How are you the same as the people you feel the strongest resistance to? We have to start asking the questions that gives us the opportunity to discover our shadows. This is important, this is very important. In short we have to become aware of the fact that we are all one, and we are all responsible for creating the future and world we wish to live in. 

Change is difficult, but being aware is the first step.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of signs telling me to change the future in the now. Maybe this is “just” my own wake up call, to do something different, and to do it now. It definitely makes me ask questions, and I intend to dive deeper into each one of them, and hopefully have more awareness of what to do from here. Some of the questions are:

  • How do I make a difference in the world, how do I make a difference based on my dream last night?
  • What is it within myself that I do not see, what am I trying to hide or deny?
  • Which aspect(s) of me do I not feel compassion for?
  • Who in my outer reality do I feel disconnected from, embarrassed by, hate against? Why?

I will end this with a quote from Teal Swan, as it greatly sums up my belief, of what we have to do at this point;

“If we want AWAKENING within out species, we are going to have to recognize the things within us that we do not want to recognize… The things we defiantly insist aren’t there.”

Eyes mirror

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  1. “I had a dream that I was a butterfly.
    When I awoke I was unsure if I am a man dreaming of a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming of a man.”
    – Desert Fathers

    “Be the change you want to see in the world”
    -Mahatma Gahndi

    “Spring Equinox brings that which fades into Autumn Equinox.
    The Book of Moons remains unchanged.
    Such is the way of all things.”

    “Only the mountains are forever.”
    -Native Spirit

    “Man plans.
    God laughs.”
    -Hebrew Proverb

    “To thine own self be true.”
    -William Shakespeare

    “Put that down, it’s expensive.”

    Seek peace,


  2. Thanks for sharing your very enlightening dream. Those journeys are very important – the dream journey can show even more than (slower) real life experiences.

    I especially like your personal questions at the end. They are great challenging thoughts that I will put some consideration into.

    Facing up to the difficult truths is how we grow 🙂 And as we grow and focus that enlightenment outwards we change the world <3

    1. Happy you liked it and my questions also 😊

      I agree, we grow by asking those questions and facing reality of things. Then change will come 😊🙏🏼

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