Grow Together


What do I really want? I’ve noticed that for a long time now, my number one priority has been to feel connected and have a sense of belonging. It’s only within this past week though, that I’ve truly come to the awareness, that I have to give this desire a more active role in my life…

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A Promise To My Heart


Last night I had trouble sleeping. I kept falling in and out of sleep, and I started to feel frustrated because of it. At some point I woke up after a dream. This dream was with such a powerful message for me, and so I feel inspired to write about it, sharing this experience.

The dream started with me sitting in what looked like a bar. There were no lights on, and the vibe was one of grief and misery. The people there came for a specific reason, and that was to read their poems out loud in front of a crowd. Poems about painful experiences, that they were trying to find resolution for, in order to integrate them…

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I Am Not To Be Defined

roseWe live in a world today where everything and everyone has to be defined as something we already know. I feel this need myself. It is easier, and it gives a sense of certainty when we judge people to be or act a certain way.
Im starting to realize, how much of an impact and control my physical appearance have had on me, and still has to some degree.

I have never really felt a sense of belonging anywhere, at any point in my life. When I look back on my teenage years, I see a girl desperately trying to find a place to fit in. To fit in somewhere indicates that we have to fulfill a certain standard, which means we have to look a certain way, act a certain way, speak a certain way and so on. This also means that we are not being our true selves…

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Ripple Effect Of Love


Everyday at some point, we get to make our decisions based on either love or fear. As I wrote in previous post (Choose Love), I refuse to let fear control me, I refuse to be afraid of the world and the people in it, I want to choose love.

But by consciously knowing that I want to choose and be guided by love, doesn’t mean that I am actually doing that, at least not in every aspect of my life.

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Choose Love

Last night I did not get much sleep. I felt a fear creeping in and taking over. I can’t remember the last time I felt fear. It was a reflection of how this fear is taking over the world right now.

Fear did control me last night with horrible thoughts and images, and I felt sadness for everyone involved in the tragedy in Nice.

I was not able to relax or think of anything else, even though I tried my best. Fear was in complete control.

Today when I woke up, I decided that I will not let fear control my life, it must not happen. I refuse to be afraid of the world that I live in.

I do not help myself and others by living in a state of fear, I do not help the world to become a better place, if fear is the one making my decisions.

What I will do is to choose love. I want to live in a world where we are guided by love, and not controlled by fear. I know a lot of people feel the same way and are ready to make that happen.

In order for us to make a better world, what we must do is to already live in that world that we wish to create. 

Love last forever, fear does not. Choose Love.

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The Act Of Being “Perfect”

imageMost of us have a role or a mask that we take on in our relations with other people. I know mine (or one of them), I am the pleaser. I am the one that so desperately wants to be good, and to be seen as such. But I am ready to take it off now, even though I feel a bit nervous in doing so.

I have always aimed to do everything perfectly, even though that isn’t possible of course. But that have always been my goal, and whenever I felt like I made a mistake, I would be furious at myself and make sure, that I would never make that same mistake again.

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I Am Not Afraid Of Love Anymore

imageA while ago a met a person that ended up having a big impact on me. I remember feeling the chemistry being there right away, it was almost as if I already knew him. It was so easy for me to communicate my thoughts and feelings without being afraid of being judged, something I wasn’t used to at that point in my life. He made me feel so safe in his company, like I could do or say anything I wanted to. I very quickly felt a deep connection with him, and as it usually takes a while before I start feeling that with someone, I knew this was special. It was amazing to me that I so easily, and without even trying, accepted all of him. It was without that feeling of wanting something to change about him, and not because I thought he was perfect, because I didn’t, but because I appreciated his entire being.

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Receiving Love

image I read a very inspiring quote this morning and it has been stuck with me since. I thought I knew what it meant to receive love, but today is the first time I actually really feel the meaning of it.
My whole life I have been playing everything safe. I was very emotional as a child, but as I got older I stopped showing and even feeling my emotions. I have always been very careful of how I expressed my emotions, not just romantically, but in every aspect of my life. I have been shielding myself from the outside and I see now how the limitations have been surrounding me for so long, my own creations, holding me down. There are so many experiences in my life where I haven’t been able to take in the good energy of joy and happiness, because those feelings don’t go very well with the limitations and restrictions I have been creating to be by my side everywhere I go.

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