Creativity Is Vulnerability


In many years I was afraid of expressing myself. Most of my life actually, this was a very terrifying thing for me to do.

When I got older I started to draw a lot, but I would never show those drawings to anyone. When I started writing, I would never share any of it, not even to the people closest to me. The thought of being judged by others and not having them understand my art, not having them understand me, was too scary. For that reason I chose to keep all of it inside myself and hide my art. The fear of rejection was bigger than the pain of being invisible…

From my perspective today I see how creativity is vulnerability. Sharing ones art takes great bravery. When we are creating art, any type of art, we are expressing aspects of ourselves that wants to be known. It is aspects that needs to be cared for.

So when I look back, I completely understand my fear of sharing my art with other people. By doing so I am sharing the most vulnerable aspects of me, without defense, hoping that it will not be judged or disliked.

Most people hold back from being who they really are, in the fear of being rejected because of it. A lot of people do not express themselves in their own unique way, because that is what makes one different from the other. And living in a society that does not support being different makes it a very difficult and fearful thing to do.

When we stand out from the crowd, we are easy victims of other peoples lack of self-love. We are at risk of being judged and disliked, because we are being brave in areas that they themselves are not. Being different and unique is what helps us understand the truth of who we are. Being “the same” does not give us the opportunity of exploring the uniqueness of our soul.


We all came to this life with a unique signature, that makes us different from anyone else. Creativity is what makes us express that unique signature, and that is why it’s so important that we do not hide who we are, but that we are brave enough to share ourselves with the world.

Creativity is magic. It’s a perfect balance between being Divine and Human. It is when we are in alignment with Source, letting it express itself in its human experience.

Expressing my creativity and sharing this with others has been, and still is, a great exercise in self-acceptance. I understand that my value is not based on someone else’s opinion of me.

I am not in a place where other peoples opinion doesn’t effect me at all. But I am in a place where I will not let that stop me from expressing the uniqueness of who I am.
The potential of me being hurt by what some people might think of me, is not big enough for me to build up walls anymore. The freedom of expressing myself and the feeling of self-acceptance, is much stronger and much more beneficial from where I stand today, that I will keep going.

I hope that you too will keep going, expressing your unique self. 

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  1. Don’t think what others think of you.Rather always think what God Father thinks of you. He always has high opinion of you irrespective of what others think of you. He is Creator, and nothing/none in His Creation goes wrong and is subject to criticism.Remembber the English poet Robert Browning’s words: “God’s in His Heaven? And everything is right with the world.” Dear Sascha Hjort, only think of what God thinks about you, but not of what others think about you. Thanking you woith thoughts divine. You are a sweet child of God, and God always thinks seweet of you.

  2. Wow, thank you for this lovely post. I think vulnerability is what shows up every time I face that “blank page.” It helps so much to hear about your experience on this issue!

  3. I really connect with this, the struggle to create and open up to acknowledge and learn to cherish what makes us unique. Virginia Woolf wrote about this in *To the light house* the courage to takes to draw that line… It is so very easy to make excuses for our selves not to make the line where and how we feel it should be but if we do not follow our inner voice we bend and distort our selves. I think though no matter how hard it is we should never become uncaring of what others think because this will close our minds to new avenues but rather, as you suggest not let them stop us! I wish you well on your journey!:-)

  4. Such an awesome read! I too experienced the same fork in the road where I feared expressing myself, but just as you did, I took the leap of faith and now find ‘expressing myself’ very therapeutic. It’s so rewarding to come across a beautiful soul like yourself! Best of luck to you. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, happy you can relate and that you took that leap of faith:) best of luck to you as well, blessings:)

  5. Great story, love your blog, it reflects a lot about how I think and feel about life as well. Thanks for sharing and kudos to your bravery for coming out like this. Cheers.

  6. “From my perspective today I see how creativity is vulnerability. Sharing ones art takes great bravery. When we are creating art, any type of art, we are expressing aspects of ourselves that wants to be known. It is aspects that needs to be cared for.”. Wow, this is beautiful!

  7. well i relate myself to this as i myself have this fear of being rejected and judged and that is why i do not allow people to get close so that they will get me hurt there are not many people we meet in this world that understand us everyone with there own perspective and do not understand the pain and vulnerability of the other

    1. That’s true. It takes courage to be vulnerable and trust that people will not hurt you. But what I have discovered is that trusting is better than living in the state of fear. In the long run it really is worth it.
      Wish you all the best! Blessings

  8. Dear Sascha,

    I fully agree with you. As everyone is unique there is the danger that people do not find a common denominator but see themselves as stranger – from stranger to stranger – often misunderstood and thus in a defensive attitude with masks on their faces. Last time I was thinking deeply about this matter that I feel myself alive and conscious, being aware of myself that I am and the same thing must be with every person – it seems that we all have a kind of collective consciousness and are a unique drop of the ocean of all-consciousness (God) – I think that even our separated life from person to person is that duality that ego in us that is maybe the biggest illusion we face. I think in “reality” we are all one like the drop of water is not separated from the water. If we look a bit closer to one word: “alone” – means noone else just alone – if we add an l to it the words meaning is: allone or
    all-one – so we are unique and alone but at the same time one with all, all one.

    Thank you Sascha 🙂
    Have a nice day

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