Emotional Starvation


Some days I feel a deep, inner void that makes me feel completely empty. It’s a part of me that needs attention and care, but does not get it. It is starving.

Emotional starvation is something all of us have experienced at some point in our lives. It is when a need is not being met, and that part of us goes unnoticed. That aspect is suffering to the degree, that it feels like it’s dying. When we are unaware of this aspect of ourselves, the feeling of desperation completely takes over, and because of this many of us seek to fulfill the need in unhealthy ways…

So many of us are living our lives oblivious to what we actually feel on a daily basis. We are not connected to our own emotions, and because of that we don’t understand why they are even there. A lot of us don’t question what we feel, and therefore most of us don’t stand a chance to meet our needs in healthy ways.

Our feelings are our inner guidance system. It is our compass through life, telling us which way to go. There is a reason behind our feelings, even though we are not taught this when growing up. When I feel the sensation of joy, that’s a sign that I’m in alignment with my desires. It’s an indication that I’m on the right path. When I feel anger, that’s a sign that my boundaries have been broken, and that something is not in alignment with what I desire.

The thing is, we do not understand emotions, because we live in a society that does not understand emotions. Because of this we don’t know how to tune in to our own feelings, which causes us to suffer..  and what causes us to suffer even more, is the fact that the people around us are not capable of attuning to how we feel, and that means that not only do we suffer, we suffer alone.

Loneliness is a huge problem today. Even when we are physically surrounded by others, the feeling of being lonely is still there. This is because the loneliness we are feeling is in fact a symptom of us not being attuned to one another.

In our society we are almost expected to do everything on our own. Even in the spiritual community, it is expected that we fulfill all of our own needs ourselves. The thing is, we are all connected. We can not disconnect ourselves from each other, even though we try to and often are encouraged to do so. It is not our natural state of being.
We live in a multidimensional universe where we co-create our reality with the people around us.We need each other. This is an important realization for us at this point in time.

For us to attune to another person’s feelings, we have to let go of our own perspective and get in theirs instead. It requires that we trust ourselves and our ability to sense the other person, and it also requires of us to be vulnerable and authentic. This is especially true, when we are the ones letting other people tune in to us, as there’s no hiding. They will feel the truth of who we are.

I have noticed that a lot of people, including myself, are lacking the ability to communicate their emotions and needs. I know for myself, that sometimes I simply don’t know how to express them. It makes me wonder, how might it feel to have someone in my life that would actually be able to attune to my emotions (with the intention of caring for me), without me having to explain them, especially the times where I do not feel capable of doing so?  I think the emotional starvation would cease to exist.

Connecting to our emotions, as well as to other people’s emotions, are essential for living a happy life, because it is what guides us to it.


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  1. I think that it is interesting, and true, what you wrote here., even if in my opinion this one is not the main argument. Really, I think that exactly We live in a society that does not understand emotions because this our merely instinctive world made almost only by emotions and feelings is absolutely not able to undertsand the meanings of the life and why we all are only so alone as you tell and why our deepest spirit is so starving. No one can eat if the food is unknown!
    I think that the main problem of this our silly society, perhaps for the first time in our history, is the lack of rationality.
    Why do I live? For what? To go where? The answer to such existential questions comes to us from the brain together with the heart. The crisis of the rationality, therefore ous lack of sense and the flattening of all the possible options (to go there is equal to go in another place, in all the possible places), causes the predominance of egoistic and edonistic choices: I have the right to get all I need, all I think I need, all I want. You can die. I’m alone.

    P.S.: thank you to teach me this wonderful world that I did not know before: “starvation”!

  2. Jesus will fill the aching void of every heart that cries out to Him, there is no shame in crying out to Jesus. With Jesus you can cry out from the very depths of your hungry heart. Sometimes it is good to abandon all and to be just like a little baby that cries out for it’s mother in the dark night, the baby knows that mother will come and so he cries out from the very depths of his being and when the baby cries out like that then every true mother cannot neglect that wonderful baby with his pitiful hungry cry. Just simply call out to Jesus when you feel hunger of the heart, often the hunger that we feel in our heart is a hunger for spiritual life and for spiritual happiness that only Jesus can fill – trust in Jesus – it’s so pure to trust in Jesus and you can tell Him all your heart and all your worries and all your cares and all your woes! Just picture in your mind just putting all of this in Jesus’ hands and call it your picture prayer. God Bless You and keep you! ☺️

  3. hi, beautifully expressed, yes, understood, for a long time the path of empaths seemed a lonely one. but there is a way… to connect to others…. and yes we need to look inwards first, I love to meditate and my relationships with others have become so much richer

  4. Poignant and so well stated. I fully agree. Emotions and connections are everything. Thank you for a beautiful piece. -Fallen

  5. “We need each other. This is an important realization for us at this point in time.” It is such a great statement. We are all connected to each other, we are all worthy parts of this wonderful world! Thank you, Sascha!

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