Waking Up From The Illusion


We live in a society today that is far from fully evolved.
We live in a society that needs change, and I think the earth is taking us in that direction.

The structure of modern society doesn’t allow people to express themselves as who they are or want to be. We are expected to act according to the rules that are within society, and fit into the category of being normal. We are expected to all move in the same direction, having the same experience, and to not think outside the box. We are expected to follow order, not to follow our own internal guidance system. I believe that this is no longer causing expansion on earth, and so it is preparing us for a massive change, whether we like it or not…

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I Am Not To Be Defined

roseWe live in a world today where everything and everyone has to be defined as something we already know. I feel this need myself. It is easier, and it gives a sense of certainty when we judge people to be or act a certain way.
Im starting to realize, how much of an impact and control my physical appearance have had on me, and still has to some degree.

I have never really felt a sense of belonging anywhere, at any point in my life. When I look back on my teenage years, I see a girl desperately trying to find a place to fit in. To fit in somewhere indicates that we have to fulfill a certain standard, which means we have to look a certain way, act a certain way, speak a certain way and so on. This also means that we are not being our true selves…

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Trust Fall


When you reach out and are not caught, that is really painful. It is especially painful when you do not know, how to make what you need clear to your surroundings.

This past week I have been feeling my whole body buzzing, but as an internal feeling. I didn’t know why, but I was definitely not at ease.

I felt hopeless because I was not able to identify what was wrong, and looking at my outer reality, I could sense that something was off as well. My sister, my dad and my dog got sick. Nothing serious, but with that dis-ease in them as well.

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Creativity Is Vulnerability


In many years I was afraid of expressing myself. Most of my life actually, this was a very terrifying thing for me to do.

When I got older I started to draw a lot, but I would never show those drawings to anyone. When I started writing, I would never share any of it, not even to the people closest to me. The thought of being judged by others and not having them understand my art, not having them understand me, was too scary. For that reason I chose to keep all of it inside myself and hide my art. The fear of rejection was bigger than the pain of being invisible…

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Grief Of A Friendship That Never Was


Have you ever had friends that you considered to be really close with, to later find out that this is not the reality? That what you thought was a great friendship, was not at all that great?

Today I have.

The entire day today have made me stay in bed and not get up until now, 6 pm. I have been struggling with the feeling of grief for a friendship, that I’ve just realized was never a real friendship, at least not in my definition of what a friendship is…

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Empowerment As My Keyword


Do you ever feel as if there isn’t enough room in your body? I have often felt like this as a painful sensation in my chest and solar plexus area. In a long time I wondered why.

It started 3-4 years back. I remember that I sometimes tried to prepare myself to die, because of the amount of pain that I was in, and because of the feeling that something was seriously wrong with my body.

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Ripple Effect Of Love


Everyday at some point, we get to make our decisions based on either love or fear. As I wrote in previous post (Choose Love), I refuse to let fear control me, I refuse to be afraid of the world and the people in it, I want to choose love.

But by consciously knowing that I want to choose and be guided by love, doesn’t mean that I am actually doing that, at least not in every aspect of my life.

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The Most Important Question

Who do you want to be?

Don’t be who the world wants you to be, be who you want to be.

Be the one making yourself happy, and watch how your world will transform by mirroring that happiness back to you in every aspect of your life.

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A Synchronistic Pain And Release

When people heal, transform and evolve, it affects those around them.

As I become more aware of myself, I notice when people close to me are affected by the choices I am making. I pay very close attention to this when it happens. But a couple of days ago, I was the one who was affected by someone else’s transformation, my fathers.

Me and some of my family was on a vacation together. We were sitting on the balcony, drinking our morning coffee. Within a couple of minutes, my father told us that he wanted to share something with us.

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