Rain As My Healer


I love how the weather sometimes reflects your emotions to perfection. It becomes the mirror you need the most, and that in itself is healing.

I have one of those days today. The sky is covered in dark clouds, with raindrops gently falling from them.

I have always loved the rain, but when I was younger I would hide this because it made me feel weird. It seemed like everyone would always get in a state of panic, seeking shelter as soon as they felt raindrops against their skin. Like the rain was something to really avoid and run away from. I do understand though, why people don’t want to get wet, or have their hair messed up, or their make-up.. Or to freeze with soaking wet clothes on. So yes.. I understand that perspective. I guess it makes a lot of sense really, not wanting to be outside when it rains, and I guess that is exactly why I felt so weird about actually liking it…

It took some time for me to understand, that my perspective of loving rain, that was okay too. It wasn’t and isn’t weird, or even so, I don’t care about that anymore.

Rain makes me feel at home and understood, and I really didn’t know why, until today. 

I feel like rain completely accept me and my feelings. Like I don’t have to hide them, I can just be fully in them. When I’m sad, I feel like the rain is crying with me, and I am not alone in my pain then. I feel like it cleanses me from everything bad, that when the raindrops hit my skin, it takes away some of the sadness I have inside of me.

Today I do feel sad, some days are like that, for everyone. I feel a sense of relief though that the rain is my company, and I feel inspired to list some of the things that makes me so grateful for its existence.


  • .. you have created a safe space for me to express whatever I’m feeling, without being limited by the people around me. That feels like freedom. 
  • .. you make me feel supported, because I can express both my negative and positive emotions, without judgement.
  • .. you are this strong force of energy, that lets me be as vulnerable as I need to be.
  • .. you have the capacity to be with me in my lowest of vibrations, still giving me unconditional presence. That makes me feel loved. 

I want to thank you rain, for not letting me be alone in my pain, it helps a lot. In fact it heals me. 

I wonder if anyone else feels a speciel connection with rain or any other type of weather?


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  1. “I wonder if anyone else feels a speciel connection with rain or any other type of weather?”

    Lovely post! Thank you.

    For me the sunny days. Light and shade, warmth and shadow, everything “stretches” a little more, everything seems more flexible and connectable – more “we are as one”.

  2. Yes Sascha, I also feel understood and emotionally affirmed sometimes when it rains. It is like Creator is coming alongside me to join me in my expression of sorrow and disappointment. I also experience a similar feeling of loving empathy when a thunderstorm erupts. It affirms my feelings of anger and rage at the injustice that plagues our lives, our community, our world. But today, where I am, is a glorious sunny day late in spring and the birds are singing and I feel a joyful anticipation about the day ahead. L’chayim (to life!), Lyn

    1. Thank you for sharing! I feel the same way with thunderstorms. They really express the rage you are explaining, and it helps so much. Sunshine is amazing! May you have a wonderful day 🙂

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