Waking Up From The Illusion


We live in a society today that is far from fully evolved.
We live in a society that needs change, and I think the earth is taking us in that direction.

The structure of modern society doesn’t allow people to express themselves as who they are or want to be. We are expected to act according to the rules that are within society, and fit into the category of being normal. We are expected to all move in the same direction, having the same experience, and to not think outside the box. We are expected to follow order, not to follow our own internal guidance system. I believe that this is no longer causing expansion on earth, and so it is preparing us for a massive change, whether we like it or not…

Not many people are capable of living from their heart space, and why would they be? Most of us aren’t taught how to do so. Most of us don’t even know that it is a possibility. For many, many years people on this planet has been living from a place of fear. That is how society has been structured and is still operating today; controlling people with fear, as to make sure they keep in line. Im sure it had its purpose, after all we are a connected consciousness that do desire and create collectively. Luckily more and more people are waking up to the truth of who they are. More and more people are starting to feel a sense of empowerment. They are starting to realize just how much control they have over their own lives, and they are starting to understand that their future is not in the hands of a government or other external factors.

We are beginning to see that we indeed are the creators of our own reality. Because of this, we are also starting to collectively manifest a world, where being our unique selves is the goal, and where love is our practice, not fear. 

All of my life, I’ve felt like an outsider. I’ve never felt like I belonged in this world. At one point in my life, I had so much resistance to this world, that I did not allow myself to be happy. How could I smile, laugh and enjoy myself, while simultaneously witness so much cruelty happening all around the world?

Today I understand my feelings of not belonging, and also the meaning behind those feelings.
I was never meant to feel a sense of belonging in this world, or should I say society, as it is currently, because I was never meant to fit in. I know that a lot of people are feeling the same way, and that is because they are also not meant to fit in. Most of us don’t belong in the society we are experiencing now, because we are desiring an entirely new way of living.

The feeling of not belonging is not a pleasant one, but it gives you the opportunity to ask yourself, where do I belong?

When we figure out where we wish to belong, how that looks and feels like, we must start living in that space already. We must start creating that life for ourselves, as to be a match to that greater world we envision.

So many of us realize that this society needs to change, but so very few of us are brave enough to commit to this, by changing our lives according to what we wish to create. In this time on earth, it is important that we start waking up from our illusions, and that we start getting very real and brutally honest with ourselves. We must be brave enough to ask questions like; where in my life do I feel trapped or caged in? Where in my life do I not follow my heart? Which changes do I feel guided to make, but are not making out of fear? Which changes can I start making, so as to live by my truth? Now is the time to start thinking outside the box, to flow with the creativity that is within each and everyone of us, and to give yourself the freedom to live that life you have always wanted to live. 

I dont think we can afford the luxury anymore to not make the changes we know in our hearts we want or need to make. I think we are in a time right now, where it is important to make the changes our intuition guides us to make, not only is it important, it is necessary.




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  1. This is great! All of us who do not fit in need to begin to spread this message to others. Living in this illusion is what causes so much depression and other problems. When you have the courage to be yourself you are free and happy!

  2. I agree completely! And kudos to you for saying so!

    And, on a similar note, may I point out how good this way of life seems to be for you? When I started following you, you seemed shy, hesitant, unsure of yourself and your feelings. And now, just a short time later, you speak with such confidence, assurance, and certainty! You stand as an excellent example of this path you are on, and how it works! Bravo!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and for noticing. I agree with you! It is incredible how big of a transformation there can be when we start being true to our feelings. Thank you!

  3. Great post, Sascha 🙂
    I really like your blog, but I have one thing, as I wish if you will change in a way. Try to visit your blog, as your readers are seeing it. The sharing possibilities in left side destroy the possibility for reading your posts in usual way, because they cover your text in your posts.
    Have a wonderful day,

  4. I really feel where you’re coming from. We need to wake up as a society from the inside out…sometimes it seems like an overwhelming challenge, but writing like yours reminds me that other people feel the same way and it’s possible ?

    1. Im happy it helped you remember this! I think more and more people are waking up to the truth of this world. Im also happy you can relate to this! Blessings?

  5. How lovely to meet a kindred spirit! I very much resonate with this post. “We live in a society that needs change, and I think the earth is taking us in that direction.” Yes, for sure. I see so many systems breaking down now, and in order to create big changes, some powerfully painful things are going on in the world, from the planet moving energy through things like earthquakes and severe weather, to our President-Elect Trump, shaking up the country in a very big way. (I’m in the US, and don’t know where you are). With so many people still asleep, it’s going to take a bit of pain to move them into change.

    I “woke up” back in early 2011, and am so thankful that it happened in time for me to shift my perceptions about how to raise my very sensitive and out-of-the-box son. Just wish I’d had this knowledge when my son was a baby. Making decisions from the heart (and especially the big decisions) is always the best way to go.

    1. Thank you for sharing too! Feels good that you resonate with what Im writing in this post. Also great that you are able to raise your son with this understanding, and make decisions from your heart, that’s really wonderful:)

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