What Is Spirituality?


When I first started to consciously study and learn about spirituality, the topics I found myself drawn to was about chakras, extraterrestrials, other dimensions and so on. I loved learning more about each topic and even though I still do, the reality is that I used it as an attempt to get away from my own life.

Spirituality became my distraction and a tool to look outside myself for every answer. It was a resistance to the present moment, and the desire to escape it…

For many people, spirituality holds a promise of wonder and magic, something many of us wish to experience in our lives, but currently are not. This promise causes us to feel excitement and gives us hope, that we can actually have a life worth living. A lot of us are only living life from a perspective of surviving it, we are not fully committed to it, so life becomes a duty instead of an exciting adventure that we wish to explore.

The thing is, we live in a world that is part of all. Everything in existence is an extension of the same source energy. What that means, is that all the magic and wonder we seek to find in other dimensions, are in this dimension as well. And what we have to do to see it, is to change our perspective. Do you remember how magical the world seemed to you, when you were a child? You did not have to look for magic, it was simply there. As children we are born with the perspective of excitement about the world and a wish to explore it. Really a wish to explore oneself, as the world around us is our reflection of our internal world.
This perspective of curiosity is what made us able to see the magic in the most simple things, because magic is always present. It was also this perspective that made life an exiting journey, and not one to escape from. But as we grow older and are shaped more and more by society’s standards of how to be and act in this world, we “lose” the perspective we were born with and forget about it.

During this year I have found myself feeling more intrigued about what life on earth is like. I have consciously tried to view it from a perspective of curiosity, with the knowledge that I am a visitor of this planet, and to fully embody the experience here on earth. The more I have viewed the world with this perspective, the more it has become my reality. Because of this, I feel the desire of having this experience on earth, and to truly commit to it. 

What I have come to understand, is that life is about self-discovery. And because we are all an extension of the same source energy, self-discovery is all about the acknowledgement that everyone and everything we meet, are us. It is about understanding that everything we experience, are a mirror for us to look at, in order to become more aware of who we are.

What a lot of us tend to do with spirituality, is to make it about something unreachable, and far from what it means to be human. As much as spirituality is about chakras, extraterrestrials, awakenings, healing, clairvoyance and so on, it is just as much about cooking a meal, having a conversation with a friend, walking outside while breathing in the fresh air. Everything is part of the same. Because of this, what spirituality is, is the change of perspective and the understanding that what you see, that too is you. What spirituality represents is that everything is one. And because everything is one, and because life is about self-discovery, what that means is that you can explore who you are in each moment, no matter what you do.

By taking on the perspective of curiosity in everything that you do, you will be able to understand and see that magic is in fact all around you. I dare you.


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  1. Your second paragraph really threw me off because it did not make sense to me. It sounded the opposite of what I found Spirituality to be. I am so glad I kept reading and found where you were going with this. I found healing and power through Spirituality because I learned no one but me could save me and I had to look within while at the same time we are all one and emanate from Source. This literally changed my life.

  2. Wow I was blown away every word spoke deep to my soul, it’s like I was looking into a mirror, you just made it so crystal like thank you ?i ask glad I found your blog

  3. Thank you for the post.
    I agree.
    Everything we do gets done in a spirit.
    Reading a book can change our spirit. As in make us angry, sad, joyful.
    It can even give us insight. Maybe I do like books. Books are about things but are not those things.
    I can read an excellent book about the pyrenees. But that will never be, like really being there. ( is that a good sentence?). I like everyone gets swayed. when I ‘m listening to a speaker using words of confidence , I am more likely to follow I’m in what he says. Is he right ? If I know nothing of what he is talking about Then I have frame of reference to check his saying. Even if there are solid seeming arguments He or even everyone can still be wrong.
    There was a time everyone believed that the hole universe rotates around the earth. All you have to do look at the motion of the stars. Even the Sun does.

    Then comes along a maverick.

    I find myself seeking a teacher a community. But that does not empower myself. That makes me a follower.
    What empowers me, I have learned, is also mentioned in the book en “Zen and the art of motor maintenance”
    Is to take step back and look how something fits together. And not half-assed go about about it.

    And other thimgs. but now it is late and I am gone close.

  4. Dear friend,

    We search for the moon and send even probes to other planets as our outward going senses deal with the outer world, However, we have not even known our own world so intensively with its huge oceans and its life therein. So it is with us: We do not even know ourselves so very well as we might think. Our mind is like a chameleon and changing its colour and spectrum sometimes in anger, sometimes in joy, sometimes in sadness, sometimes turning it into pride and ego and so on. But we ourselves remain a kind of mysterium. We are like a fish in the ocean that is searching for the water… So thats why it is said: “Man know thyself” – means we have to find all the tricks in us how the mind is directing us in this or that direction. When we start to analyse ourselves, it maybe that we find only a few shortcomings in us in our development to become a real human being. It is like to put water in a hole in the garden or forest – and we see ants coming out of this hole – in the beginning just a few may come out – but the closer we look the more ants are coming out – the more conscious we become. responsibility and consciousness go hand in hand, they grow both along our own experiences we make. Everything what we see outside is a mirror to ourselves, is a reflection to understand ourselves. This all is called spirituality. With honesty towards ourselves, non-violance (in thoughts, words and deeds), with honesty towards others and God – we can start this inner journey, the journey to ourselves.

    With best wishes and a good spiritual development for you
    In thankfulness for your writing this post.

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